Luminesce Alliance is collaboratively working with its partners to deliver a series of transformational research programs.

The largest of the programs is Paediatric Precision Medicine (PPM), which will transform children’s health care in NSW by bringing precision medicine to all children with cancer and rare genetic diseases. PPM will enable children across the State access to game changing technologies, cutting-edge treatments and truly personalised care.

‚ÄčThe PPM initiative is made up of several streams across pre-clinical, clinical and health systems research, which together will build capacity and enable new technologies to be integrated into personalised clinical care.

Closely linked with PPM and integral to delivering precision medicine to children in NSW are three further programs coordinated by Luminesce Alliance:

  • Newborn Screening Program Pilot for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Primary Immunodeficiency in NSW and ACT
  • The establishment of small-scale production capacity for gene and cell therapy vectors
  • INFORM2 a precision medicine study for children with high-risk relapsed/refractory malignancies, which aims to identify therapeutic targets to improve survival rates and outcomes in long term child cancer survivors.