Enabling Platforms Program

Project Overview

We have successfully delivered a blueprint for precision medicine for New South Wales and we are now integrating precision medicine into the health system through our Enabling Platforms Program 2023 – 2027.

Enabling Platforms are functional specialisations that cross disease areas and organisations. They help us support research across our member organisations. Leading clinicians and researchers are focusing on improving the understanding and application of paediatric precision medicine across five enabling platforms they are:

Functional Genomics – Functional genomics is the study of how genes and the DNA between genes contribute to different biological processes and cause disease.  

Data – We translate rich and complex data into new treatments, new prevention strategies and clinical impact. 

Precision therapy – We provide a pipeline platform that bridges the gap between scientific discovery and the development for new drugs for patients. 

Psychosocial – We use psychosocial research to ensure the needs of all patients, their siblings and their families are met.  

Health systems implementation & economics – We provide evidence for implementing new research into the health system and proving its economic value.