• May 20, 2024

Celebrating 250 Years of Clinical Trials

Luminesce Alliance is celebrating International Clinical Trials Day and the 250th anniversary of the first clinical trial by honoring trial leaders, support teams, and participants.

We thank our clinical trials teams across our partner organisations for their essential role in advancing our health system. We also sincerely thank the community members who participate in clinical trials. Without their contributions, many discoveries and treatments would not be possible.

International Clinical Trials Day marks May 20, 1774, when James Lind, a ship’s surgeon, conducted a trial on the effects of citrus fruits on scurvy in sailors. Lind’s work provided evidence linking citrus fruits to scurvy prevention. Earlier trials include a 1537 experiment by French surgeon Ambroise Paré, who used a mixture of egg yolks, oil of roses, and turpentine to treat wounds, resulting in less pain and inflammation compared to standard treatments. Clinical trials have evolved significantly since then and are now crucial in modern medicine.

How does Luminesce Alliance support clinical trials? We provide funding, collaboration support, and professional training opportunities, including webinars and workshops, to enhance workforce capacity and foster connections among alliance partners.