• May 29, 2020

Introducing Professor Sean Emery – Board Director

Professor Sean Emery is the Senior Vice Dean of Research and Operations at UNSW Medicine. He has taken on incremental levels of organisational responsibility, from Departmental to Institute and more recently Faculty leadership roles and played a significant role in the development and implementation of strategic planning in each setting.

He is an internationally recognised clinical scientist and his key research outcomes have translated directly into international treatment guidelines for HIV infection. His work has contributed significantly to our understanding of the pathogenesis of HIV disease and the parallel impact of treatment toxicities. He has had considerable success with competitive domestic and international grant funding and an enviable track record of funding from the private sector (career total >AUD150m).

Professor Emery has supervised successful HDR students and mentored numerous professionals whose careers have blossomed in centres around the world. He is drawn to the challenges of a richer administrative and leadership role within a tertiary environment with a strong research commitment and focus to enhance the core remit of education.