• September 30, 2019

Luminesce Alliance – Our new name and image

Peadiatrio has been rebranded to Luminesce Alliance.

Our growing research community across New South Wales expressed a desire to encapsulate our expanding partnerships and collaborations beyond our three founding partners Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Children’s Cancer Institute, and Children’s Medical Research Institute.

The name, Paediatrio, which reflects the alliance of NSW’s three “trio” great paediatric forces “Paed” in health services and medical research has now been rebranded to Luminesce Alliance.

Our new name Luminesce Alliance was inspired by our intent to significantly illuminate paediatric research to improve health outcomes for children through a pioneering research partnership. 

Our visual identity captured by the individual strobes of light that form the icon, signify the power, energy and direction that the partners create through their translational research alliance.