• June 17, 2021

Luminesce Alliance Seed Funding Webinar Presentation 3rd June 2021

The Luminesce Alliance Seed Funding Webinar was held on the 3rd June 2021. The five Seed Funding Recipients discussed their projects, what they hope to discover.

  1. A self-amplifying theranostic for treatment of neuroblastoma, Professor Phillip Hogg, Deputy Director, Centenary Institute, Head, ACRF Centenary Cancer Research Centre, University of Sydney, Sydney Catalyst Chair in Translational Cancer Research
  2. Translating disease severity biomarkers into the clinic for Rett syndrome, Professor Wendy Gold, Group Head, Molecular Neurobiology Research Lab, Senior Research Fellow, Kids Research, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.
  3. Precision medicine addressing a novel disease pathway to preserve sight in the retinal dystrophies, Professor Robyn Jamieson, Head, Discipline of Genetic Medicine at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Clinical School, Eye Genetics Research Unit, Children’s Medical Research Institute.
  4. Curing genetic metabolic liver disease by precise genomic and epigenomic editing, Dr Samantha Ginn, Senior Researcher, Gene Therapy Research Unit, Children’s Medical Research Institute.
  5. LA Centre for RNA Diagnostics: A pipeline of accredited RNA Diagnostics to extend diagnostic yield of rare disorders by 25% in 5 years, Mr Adam Bournazos, Senior Research Assistant, Kids Neuroscience Centre

Luminesce Alliance Webinar 3 June 2021