Enabling Platform – Psychosocial

Project Overview

Latest News – Call for Expressions of Interest

Luminesce Alliance is seeking Expressions of Interest from eligible paediatric precision medicine researchers and clinicians interested in accessing our Psychosocial Enabling Platform. The platform provides difficult to access guidance and resources including consultation with a consumer engagement expert and specifically appointed consumer group, specialist clinical psychology advice, expertise to guide the inclusion of priority populations including CALD and Aboriginal communities, and specialist statistical advice. Read more

About the Platform

To ensure that all children and young people benefit from precision medicine, it is necessary to extend research beyond the laboratory to address the psychosocial risks of precision medicine and ensure its equitable rollout.   

We are world leaders in applying a psychosocial lens to paediatric precision medicine, to ensure that the psychological, social and educational wellbeing of patients, their siblings, and their caregivers is not left behind with rapid advances in ‘omics’ technology and treatment-focused clinical research. 

What we do 

The Psychosocial Enabling Platform offers psychosocial research expertise and support to precision medicine studies to ensure that the needs of all patients, their siblings and their families are met.  

We have an equity focus on priority populations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, children with lived experience of disability, children from rural and regional areas and/or those affected by socioeconomic disadvantage. 

Our aim is to provide psychosocial resources for families, support education and schooling for children having paediatric precision medicine and their siblings and enhance mental health in children and families accessing paediatric precision medicine. 


The platform includes the following services. 

  • A Consumer Board and Consumer Engagement Framework 
  • Specialist psychosocial equity research expertise 
  • Specialist statistical advice 
  • Grants support/advice 
  • Clinical psychology expertise for risk management
  • Indigenous lived experience and expertise 
  • Connections and collaborations across supported studies 
  • Cultural capability and translation services from English to Chinese and Arabic 
  • Advocacy and dissemination of findings across supported studies 


  • University of NSW
  • University of Sydney
  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN)



The Psychosocial Enabling Platform supports precision medicine studies, with an equity focus on priority populations, ensuring all patients and families' needs are met.

Lead Investigators

  • P36_Kate Hetherington

    Dr Kate Hetherington

    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow/Clinical Psychologist, Paediatrics School of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health UNSW, Sydney Team Leader Ethics and Genetics Behavioural Sciences Unit, Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital, SCHN

Project Research Team

Associate Professor Sue Woolfenden, University of Sydney

Professor Claire Wakefield, University of New South Wales

Dr Joanna Fardell, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network; University of New South Wales

Dr Lauren Kelada, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network; University of New South Wales

Dr Sarah Ellis, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network; University of New South Wales