Integrated Data Linkage System – Predictive Analysis

Project Overview

This project employed data linkage to seamlessly integrate genomic and clinical treatment information with population-based administrative health data, aiming to comprehensively comprehend the short-term and long-term consequences of treating childhood diseases, encompassing cancer, congenital heart conditions, and other rare diseases.

This endeavor provided insights into disease risk factors, facilitated the identification of suitable patients or patient groups for clinical trials and specialized treatments, and enabled the precise targeting of personalized treatments or prevention approaches based on patients’ clinical and molecular profiles. Additionally, it aided NSW Health in evaluating the impact of precision medicine on children with cancer and rare genetic diseases.


• Children’s Cancer Institute (Australia)
• Children’s Medical Research Institute (Australia)
• Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
• NSW Health


The integrated data linkage project has greatly improved our understanding of clinical management and treatment, facilitating further research progress.

Lead Investigators

  • Natasha_Nassar@2x

    Professor Natasha Nassar

    Financial Markets Foundation for Children Chair in Translational Childhood Medicine at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Clinical School


  • Dr Jane Bell

    University of Sydney