• September 15, 2022

Zero Childhood Cancer National Symposium

The inaugural Zero Childhood Cancer (ZERO) National Symposium is being held from 26-27 October 2022 in Sydney, showcasing research and clinical innovation in paediatric cancer.

Bringing together leading national and international speakers at the cutting edge of childhood cancer research, the exciting two-day event is a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange of progress and discoveries in the expansive field of paediatric oncology precision medicine.

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The theme for the meeting ‘Towards Precision Oncology for All’ will emphasise recent developments in paediatric cancer research, with an array of exceptional speakers at varying career stages, covering different areas of our discipline.

The program includes two international plenary speakers and seven national invited speaker sessions, selected oral, rapid-fire and poster presentations, career and family perspective sessions and more.

The content will cover a broad range of topics, relevant to the field of paediatric cancer, including:

  • Cancer biology and clinical translation
  • Genetics, genomics and cancer predisposition
  • Psychosocial research, and ethics
  • Functional biology and preclinical modelling

ZERO Childhood Cancer is an initiative of our partner organisation the — Children’s Cancer Insitute — and the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.