• February 19, 2024

Drug Discovery Webinar April 18, 2024 – “THerapeutic INnovations for Kids” Advanced Therapeutics Enabling Program

Join us for an illuminating webinar on April 18, 2024, where clinicians and researchers are invited to delve into the opportunities offered by the THerapeutic INnovations for Kids (THINK) Advanced Therapeutics Enabling Program, funded by Luminesce Alliance.

Led by Associate Professor Greg Arndt, the Head of Drug Discovery at the Children’s Cancer Institute, the THINK webinar will serve as a gateway to understanding THINK’s pivotal role in end-to-end drug discovery and development. Learn about the process for accessing THINK and how potential projects are reviewed and selected.

Whether you’re an experienced researcher or a clinician eager to contribute to pediatric healthcare advancements, this webinar provides invaluable insights into joining the THINK community. Register here.

The THINK Advanced Therapeutic Enabling Platform focus spans childhood cancers, genetic diseases, and neurodevelopmental disorders, reflecting Luminesce Alliance’s commitment to addressing critical paediatric health challenges.