• January 16, 2024

Luminesce Alliance supported projects and investigators featured in Research Australia’s INSPIRE

We were delighted to see Luminesce Alliance along with projects and investigators Luminesce Alliance supports, featured in the 2023 December Health and Medical Advances in Paediatricsissue of Research Australia’s INSPIRE quarterly magazine.

Luminesce Alliance was featured in an article entitled ‘Leading the deployment of paediatric precision medicine‘ . The article  highlights the achievements of our partners working in collaboration, and the development of the innovative Enabling Platforms Program to accelerate the translation of paediatric precision medicine discoveries into real-world applications.

Projects and investigators featured included Dr Kate Hetherington and her team’s focus on the psychosocial impact of precision medicine on children with cancer and their families as part of the Zero Childhood Cancer program and PREDICT trial, empowering children with cancer and their families to participate in precision medicine; Dr Suzanne Nevin and the ‘Finding a way’ positive psychology video series co-developed with families of children with rare and severe neurodegenerative conditions; Dr Michelle Lorentzos and Lani Attwood and the KAT program advanced therapeutics trial which is ‘Transforming Children’s Lives one gene therapy at a time’; and Professor Michelle Farrar and the newborn bloodspot screening pilot for spinal muscular atrophy, now available to all babies in NSW and ACT with further states and territories implementing screening.

We thank NSW Health for the support that makes Luminesce Alliance possible and our partners and high-calibre researchers for your commitment to leading the deployment of precision medicine and transforming the lives of children with cancer and rare diseases.

You may view the full INSPIRE Dec 2023 issue here.