Enabling Platform – Data

Project Overview

What it is 

In modern healthcare, data forms the foundation for research and delivery, and its complexity has grown significantly. Consequently, there is a need for innovative approaches to standardise, store, compare, analyze, and interpret this vast and intricate information.

Personalized medicine, in particular, hinges on the utilisation of data. It revolves around the generation, comparison, and evaluation of data encompassing a patient’s distinctive genetic makeup, environmental interactions, lifestyle choices, and symptoms.

What we do 

  • We harness data for research and improved clinical care. By establishing a unified data strategy, we are removing duplication and waste, connecting our data capabilities, and leveraging our expertise to enable precision medicine. 
  • We understand cause through understanding the clinical and molecular basis of disease by harnessing clinical electronic medical records, administrative health, environmental and molecular data; and advanced informatic  methods and technologies. 
  • We strengthen research through developing advanced capabilities in computational biology, big data, data linkage and health data analysis. 
  • We predict risk to enhance prevention and early diagnosis through better understanding of known and novel clinical electronic medical record data, environmental, lifestyle, perinatal and genetic risk factors associated with disease. 
  • We innovate for treatment through identifying novel drug targets and use of existing medications, and using longitudinal analysis of liquid biopsies to identify early relapse. 
  • We strengthen our health system through advanced data linkage, enabling health economics and evaluation of precision medicine interventions and development of clinical decision support tools. 
  • We support psychosocial work through harnessing clinical data to better understand patient outcomes and systematically evaluate the patient population. 

Our platform  

Our data enabling platform has three streams. 

  1. Advanced Genome and Transcriptome Analytics – to develop an advanced molecular profiling analysis platform with novel methods and evaluate whether these improve the rates of diagnosis and treatment recommendations in cancer and rare diseases 
  2. Advanced Clinical Data Analytics – to access, extract and interpret clinical electronic medical records and administrative data, currently locked within hospital records
  3. Kids Link – to harness data linkage by sourcing clinical, genomic and administrative health, treatment, and observational datasets to identify determinants of disease, assess effective treatment and pathways of health care and associated health outcomes and identify the most effective clinical interventions and therapies. 


  • Children’s Cancer Institute
  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
  • The University of Sydney

Luminesce Alliance is growing its data capacity to translate rich and complex data into new treatments, new prevention strategies and clinical impact

Lead Investigators

  • Mark Cowley

    Associate Professor Mark Cowley

    Deputy Director - Enabling Platforms and Collaboration, Children’s Cancer Institute and the Project Lead for Advanced Genome and Transcriptome Analytics
  • tom-snelling

    Professor Tom Snelling

    Director of the Health and Clinical Analytics, University of Sydney and the Project Lead for Advanced Clinical Data Analytics
  • Natasha_Nassar@2x

    Professor Natasha Nassar

    Chair in Translational Childhood Medicine, Financial Markets Foundation for Children, The University of Sydney and the Project Lead for Kids Link