• December 14, 2023

Science Meets Healthcare Symposia 2023 – The Inaugural Joint Conference on Gene Therapy

The recent Science Meets Healthcare Symposia provided an excellent opportunity for the powerhouse minds driving innovation across advanced therapeutics – Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and Children’s Medical Research Institute – to come together and discuss where the future of medicine is headed.
The two-day event featured speakers from across Australia as well as a special guest from the US, Professor Jeff Chamberlain, who is president of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy.
A key contributor to the research advances presented at the event was Luminesce Alliance, which, supported by NSW Health, fund and coordinate paeadatric precision medicine research between the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, the Children’s Cancer Institute, the Children’s Medical Research Institute, the University of NSW, and the University of Sydney.
Luminesce Alliance Executive Director, Anastasia Ioannou, said the event showed that life-changing improvements can be achieved for children with rare genetic conditions when researchers and clinicians are working across multiple organisations and disciplines in the highly collaborative precision medicine environment. “The valuable insights shared demonstrated the value of a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to paediatric precision medicine,” Ms. Ioannou said.