Futureproofing our workforce

Precision medicine is revolutionising the care of sick children. It is also revolutionising our health workforce. Doctors, nurses, allied health specialists, scientists are working alongside mathematicians, engineers, lawyers, ethicists, data experts, genetic counsellors, sociologists, economists, policy makers and finance experts, to mention but a few – all of whom are involved in using the latest game-changing technologies to target treatments that work.

But we have a problem. The Federal Government has predicted major shortages in the future healthcare workforce in Australia. We desperately need a pipeline of STEM talent graduating from the education system and this starts in our primary and secondary schools.

We are calling on STEM teachers to help us foster the skills we need here in Australia to build a workforce fit for the future.

This is why Luminesce Alliance has proudly agreed to support NSW Department of Education’s STEM 2021 OnDemand – Global NSW Industry Focus. This initiative is about educating educators on the important role they will be playing in the growth of our State and Commonwealth’s prosperity into the future. Along with other industries, our goal is to showcase the exciting career opportunities that lay ahead in healthcare and the benefit this brings to society at large.

Watch our Futureproofing our workforce video here.

Luminesce Alliance – Futureproofing our Workforce with STEM Capabilities (youtube.com)