Science Meets Healthcare Symposia 2023 – The Inaugural Joint Conference on Gene Therapy

The recent Science Meets Healthcare Symposia provided an excellent opportunity for the powerhouse minds driving innovation across advanced therapeutics – Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and Children’s Medical Research Institute – to come together and discuss where the future of medicine is headed.
The two-day event featured speakers from across Australia as well as a special guest from the US, Professor Jeff Chamberlain, who is president of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy.
A key contributor to the research advances presented at the event was Luminesce Alliance, which, supported by NSW Health, fund and coordinate paeadatric precision medicine research between the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, the Children’s Cancer Institute, the Children’s Medical Research Institute, the University of NSW, and the University of Sydney.
Luminesce Alliance Executive Director, Anastasia Ioannou, said the event showed that life-changing improvements can be achieved for children with rare genetic conditions when researchers and clinicians are working across multiple organisations and disciplines in the highly collaborative precision medicine environment. “The valuable insights shared demonstrated the value of a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to paediatric precision medicine,” Ms. Ioannou said.
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Revolutionising Paediatric Healthcare: Luminesce Alliance’s Impact in Precision Medicine

Luminesce Alliance, in collaboration with our partners, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the four-year Paediatric Precision Medicine Program 2019-2023, generously funded by the NSW Government. This groundbreaking program was designed to prioritise the early diagnosis and treatment for children with cancer and rare diseases, integrating cutting-edge technologies into personalised clinical care.

The collective efforts of our remarkable partners, dedicated researchers, and skilled clinicians have resulted in several noteworthy achievements, these include:

  • The transformation of an initial investment of $24 million into an impressive $294 million in leveraged funds. This achievement highlights our commitment to maximsing resources for the betterment of paediatric healthcare.
  • Job creation, with the establishment of over 140 STEM positions, thereby contributing to the growth of a skilled workforce.
  • Facilitating the initiation of 20+ clinical trials, showcasing our commitment to advancing medical research and treatment methodologies.
  • Our commitment to global collaboration with over 450+ partnerships nationally and internationally. This extensive network has allowed us to share knowledge, resources, and expertise on a global scale, fostering a collaborative approach to paediatric precision medicine.
  • The Alliance’s contribution to the scientific community with over 150+ publications and the presentation of findings at 195 global conferences. This dissemination of knowledge ensures that our advancements in paediatric precision medicine are shared widely, contributing to the global discourse and inspiring further innovation.

To find out more about the program refer to our recent Impact Report 2022-2023.

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Access to subsidised Functional Genomic support services – EOI now open 

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are invited from paediatric precision medicine research teams seeking to use the subsidised services of the Luminesce Alliance Functional Genomics Enabling Platform.

The Luminesce Alliance Functional Genomics Enabling Platform delivers new research capacity across stem cell medicine and vectorology, intensifiying collaboration, research translation and end-to-end commercialisation and competitive advantages. The platform is one of five Luminesce Alliance Enabling Platforms. Read more

The EOI is open to Luminesce Alliance partner organisations (Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Children’s Cancer Institute, University of NSW, University of Sydney). For full criteria read more 

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Inherited Retinal Disease Patient and Family Day 24 March 2024

Luminesce Alliance is delighted to support the first-ever Inherited Retinal Disease Patient and Family Day hosted by the Behavioural Sciences Unit at UNSW and the Stem Cell Medicine group at the Children’s Medical Research Institute. The day provides an opportunity for patients and families to share their experiences, hear the latest research and connect with others with lived experience.

This free event will be held on 23 March 2024, 9.00am – 4.00pm, at the Aerial UTS Function Centre, Ultimo, Sydney.

Fund out more and register for this event here.


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